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44-in-1 Multipurpose Precision Toolset

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Type: 44-in-1 Precision Toolset
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Great Screwdriver set for repairing small items and electronics.

These tools are essential for removing the back of the phone and accessing the battery, sim card, and memory card. These tools can also be used to open the back of the phone and access the speaker, microphone, and other important components.

Top rotating cap: Magnetic design on the top of the screwdriver helps you firmly hold and make your work more efficient.

Novel Design: Compact form factor and pocketable. Easy to insert or remove the screwdriver bits. Simply press the button to open the box.

Wide Application: Design for all Popular iPad, iPhone, pc, watches, glasses, Laptops, phones, Game consoles, Camera, host and more.


Set type: Multi-functional combination set
Number of pieces included: 30, 40, 44
Material: S2 alloy steel
Spindle head type: square head, Y type, cross, flat, plum blossom, hexagon, star, Pozi, Torx screwdriver
Scope of application: precision instruments
Product series: Square barrel screwdriver

Packing List:

Stainless steel screwdriver x1