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Advanced Fingerprint Padlock - Eminence International
Advanced Fingerprint Padlock - Eminence International
Advanced Fingerprint Padlock - Eminence International

Advanced Fingerprint Padlock

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Say byebye to keys and protect your assets

We have the latest invention that your pocket and bag will thank us for. Continue to read on and be amazed by this amazing invention. 

BriLock Fingerprint Padlock is friendly to kids and elderly, your finger is the key which discourages the thief to crack the code. Do not need to worry about losing the key or the password is known to the thief, because they can not get your finger. 

Be ready to... 

  • Say goodbye to KEYS

  • Able to open a door less than 1 second

  • No more waste time searching for KEYS in your pocket or bag

  • No more heavy KEYS inside bag/handbag

  • No more torn pocket from the sharp KEYS

  • Worry-less from lost of KEYS

  • Protect your property with ultimate lock that no one can access except YOU!

NO app, NO key, NO bluetooth.


  1. It can record up to 10 unit of fingerprints, making it very easy to facilitate family and friends. 

  2. It is waterproof and dustproof, which means is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is built for the rough and tough environment, be it rain or dust.

  3. It comes with built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and it has a low power usage design. Once charge, it can last up to 6 months or 1,000 unlockings.

  4. BriLock has MicroUSB charging port, and all universal  mobile phone charging cable can be used to charge it.

  5. When battery is running low, it has a "Low-Voltage Alarm Function". Even after this alarm is triggered, it still can unlock 100 times before it runs totally flat.

  6. If the battery is totally flat, and you need to unlock it for any emergency, you just need to connect it to portable power bank charger and immediately it will be able to unlock. 

    Tips for fingerprint recording

    1. Try to touch the sensor with different angles during the setting up process of your fingerprints to ensure that padlock can recognizes well.

    2. Follow the steps strictly to record your fingerprint to ensure the process can be done smoothly

    Package includes

    1*fingerprint Lock 1*USB Charging cable 1*manual 1*color box


    Q: I only want to set my fingerprint. How do I make it to avoid any other fingerprint?

    A: If you only want to set 1 fingerprint. Then you will act as the Administrator. You will just need to setup the Administrator step. Refer to the "Add Fingerprints of Administrator/Manager/Main Controller". Once completed, DO NOT add any other person's fingerprints on it.

    Q: How long is the battery last?

    A: It can be used up to 6 months or 1000 times when fully charged. Fully charged 1.5-2 hours, standby time up to 1 year. 

    Q: How do you know when it is fully charged?

    A: The red and green lights flash alternately during charging, and the lights are off when fully charged. 

    Q: What happens if the lock runs out of power while locked on an item?

    A: Red light will flash for 10 seconds when battery is low and it still can last another 100 unlocks when battery low light is on. If it runs flat on battery, please charge it with power bank for 2minutes, and you will be able to unlocked.

    Q: Is this for outdoor usage/ weatherproof?

    A: It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's weatherproof and dustproof, thus is suitable for house indoor, suitcase, backpack, gym, bike, office etc

    Q: How many fingerprints can be add to lock?

    A: Total of 10 fingerprints, 2 fingerprints of Administrators, and 8 fingerprints of other authorized users.

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