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Anti-Slip Ice Gripper (Pair) - Eminence International

Anti-Slip Ice Gripper (Pair)

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Walking on ice has never been easy without this Anti-Slip ice gripper!

Ice Grippers™ – Detrocho in 2021


The ice grippers with full foot slip protection, Easy to pull on or take off, securely fitting both shoes and boots.
Perfect For Winter Sports + Walking & Hiking On Grass & Snow. For ice fishing, hunting, walking, jogging, hiking, running, snow shoveling, etc.

Main Features

  • [5-claw Anti-slip Nails]Wear-resistant 5-tooth steel nails can provide excellent traction in various terrains or other harsh conditions. The strategic placement of the nails ensures an even distribution of weight and lasting comfort and durability.

  • [Wear-resistant PET Material]The high-elasticity, high-toughness PET material will not tear or break, thickened to 3.42mm, and has a longer service life. Suitable for adult shoes of all sizes.

  • [Easy To Wear]You only need to buckle the front end of the crampons on the toe of the shoe and the back end on the heel, and then adjust it appropriately. Save your precious time and energy.

  • [Various Uses And Unisex]Suitable for men and women of any age, including teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Used for angled terrain, icy roads, icy driveways, muddy and wet grass, dangerous trails, etc.

Product category: non-slip shoe covers/ crampons
Specification: 25.8*10.3cm

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