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Door Closing Hinge - Eminence International
Door Closing Hinge - Eminence International
Door Closing Hinge - Eminence International
Door Closing Hinge - Eminence International

Door Closing Hinge

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Some buyers said that it could not work perfectly. It's because they didn't install it correctly! If you find that it can't work perfectly, please check if you install it correctly like above photo.



It works quietly, it does not make noise, perfect for the bedroom.

Work with dampers, close the door slowly.

Adjust the speed to control the closing speed of the door.

Use a wrench, move from right to left, to tighten the door lock, close the door more slowly.

Use a key, press down on the hole, to release the door lock, close the door faster.

Product Description

  • Works on Doors up to 30kg, non-handed, great for home or office.
  • It is constructed of high-quality stainless steel and zinc alloy, which has a long service life, durable, and rustproof.
  • Universally fits for left and right-handed doors.
  • The closing strength of the door closer is adjusted easily with the hex wrench.
  • Helps reduce the intensity when closing the door to protect it from damaging and reducing the noise.

    Other Unique Benefits

    1. Quality stainless steel automatic door closer,

    2. Non-handed design adjustable Tension.

    3. Adjustable screws for slow or fast closing.

    4. Choose your return close speed to suit the environment in which the closer is placed.

    5. Maximum door open angle of 175 degrees.

    6. Suitable for door weight for 30kg, door width 1000mm.

    7. Universal design, right or left swing door,Ideal for home,office, hotel room doors.

    8. Includes mounting bolts and brackets shown in picture.

    9. This door closer is to reduce the intensity when you close door to protect the doors from damaging and reduce the noise


    Size: 160 x 98 x 21mm

    Material: stainless steel, zinc alloy

    Color: silver


    Package list:

    1 x auto door closer

    4 x Set screws

    1 x Hexagonal screwdriver


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