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Pocket Turbo Jet Fan

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Color: Black
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Step into a world where versatility meets efficiency with our all-in-one solution – the Powerful Blower equipped with a High-Speed Duct Fan. This dynamic tool is set to be your ultimate partner, seamlessly addressing a multitude of tasks effortlessly

Product information:

Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Charging Interface: TYPE-C
Charging power: 13W
Speed: 11-12W rpm/minute
Electrical adjustment: 30A
Duration: up to 8 minutes
Note: Please do not use it for a long time. Long time use will cause the body to heat up.
Color: black, gray

Product features:
1. It adopts high quality of over high-speed bearing and new CNC machined blades, which can generate pressure and speed of over 45 m/s
2. Mini size, very easy to carry
3. Compact body design, 12.6*4.5*3.2cm (excluding nozzle)
3. Wireless design, built-in 3000mAh battery
4. The shell adopts laser nylon sintering process, which is very delicate
5. Use TYPE-C charging interface, support 13W fast charge
6. Press the switch to start the wind, release the button and it will stop, very easy to use
7. Charging panel with charge and discharge protection function
8. Built-in brushless motor, rotating speed up to 11-12W rpm

Packing list:
1 x Host 1 x magnetic nozzle 1 x data cable

Product Image: