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Pressure Drain Blaster - Eminence International
Pressure Drain Blaster - Eminence International

Pressure Drain Blaster

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It is an a little gun-type device that lets you unclog your sinks and toilets with the pull of a trigger. How it works is you build up air pressure inside of the device using the pump on the top of it, then, once you've built up enough pressure, simply place the end of it into your sink or toilet, and pull the trigger. It will release a massive gust of air into your pipes and unclog the mother-load that you sent down earlier.

The Air Drain Blaster uses compressed air to clean out the toughest blockages in your drains in seconds! No more dealing with toxic chemicals that can corrode your pipes or endanger your family.

Just pump the Drain Blaster and pull the trigger, the blockage is gone instantly. It's perfectly safe and environmentally friendly. 


How to use:


Clogs don't stand a chance with our Air Pressure Drain Blaster!

Are you sick and tired of your drains becoming clogged? Whether it's your kitchen sink, utility sink, or floor drains, clogs are annoying! Plus, who wants to stick their hand in a gross, dirty drain and retrieve a nasty pile of who knows what? Not us! Our drain blaster clog remover CHANGES EVERYTHING.

  • Saves You Money - You can toss your plumber's phone number in the trash because you won't need it anymore. Why? because the Heavy Duty Drain Blaster will solve all of your stubborn clog problems. No more hefty plumber bills!

  • Perfect for Toilets, Sinks, Floor Drains, etc. - Our Heavy-Duty Drain Blaster comes with 4 different head attachments. This means you can use our tool on virtually ANY drain size or shape. Great for toilets, tubs, sinks. floor drains, and so much more.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Plunger - Plungers don't use air pressure; our product does. What does this mean? it means that our Drain Blaster is MUCH more powerful than a common plunger. Plus, unlike a plunger, our Drain Blaster does all of the work for you. All you do is attach the rubber head that fits your drain, pump the handle to build up air pressure, place the tool over your drain, and pull the trigger. Voila! Clog is history.

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