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Sling Hockey Board game - Eminence International
Sling Hockey Board game - Eminence International
Sling Hockey Board game - Eminence International
Sling Hockey Board game - Eminence International
Sling Hockey Board game - Eminence International

Sling Hockey Board game

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Make The Lockdown More Bearable With This!

Puck right in the face! The puck is now officially in play and your team is now on the offensive. The hockey table game is now in full swing. Feel the excitement as you take your shot and watch your opponent try to block it. You can now score a goal, but it will take some strategy to do so. Strategy is everything in this game of hockey. Choose your shots wisely, or you may end up scoring on your own goal. 

Fast Sling Puck Game Super Winner Board Game - FOREVERFLY

Large Board Game: An excellent board game that you can play with and have fun with family and friends, so that you will not be bored in your spare time, and you can spend a happy time with family and friends.

Fast Sling Puck Game Super Winner Board

Solid Wood Material: Solid wood frame and wooden pieces are environmental protective, beautiful and durable. Lightweight and compact for easy to carry, and you can play on the table or floor at any time.

Fast Sling Puck Game Super Winner Board

Hand-eye Coordination Improving: Paced sling is a fast-paced action game. Improve your child's hand-eye coordination and enhance fine motor skills to expand your child's attention.

Perfect Design: The smooth wooden table board is easy to carry when traveling, which is the ideal choice for small space, does not require batteries. Just take out the chessboard and play with family and friends. After playing, as long as the table is closed, it will become a box for all ice hockey.

Suitable Occasions: The foosball table board game is suitable for family entertainment, birthday party, Christmas gifts and sports board games, which is an ideal family and social activities with kids and friends! Children can play games with their friends, which can help them get along more harmoniously and enhance their sense of competition. This is a good gift for children, suitable for kindergartens and families.

Material: Wood
Application: home school kindergarten Office Community Park
Category: game chess
Characteristic function: parent child interaction
Packing: color box
Ability training: emotion, vision, hands, brain, grasp, hand eye coordination, interactive toys, parent-child communication
3C configuration category: wooden toys under 14 years old
Color: cross border playing chess small, cross-border playing chess super large, World Cup football, cross-border e-commerce packaging contact customer service, small-sized playing chess pieces, large playing chess pieces
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old), middle-aged (36-60 years old), young people (15-35 years old), teenagers

Package Content:
1x Board Game

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