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Night Light & Blutooth Speaker

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Color: White
Electricaloutlet: USB
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✨You can easily switch the warm white light mode and a rich blend of vibrant colors light mode according to your mood by tapping the top of the mesh net. The Bluetooth speakers with lights are suitable for cooking in the kitchen, doing exercise, going camping, listening to audio books at night, or having fun at parties, and so on..


Light + music 1 luminous speed, 2 color gradient speed, 3 color flashing speed
Voice prompt: power on/off, Bluetooth connection/disconnection, low volume
Power indicator: blue when working, red when charging, green when fully charged

long-press the power button of the host to turn on,

Search for the name of the speaker on the mobile phone, click to connect, the host broadcast.

The voice connection is successful, the device will be automatically connected next time by default.

Power button: long press to turn on, double click to pause, single click to turn on the light
Left button: click on the previous song, long press to decrease the volume
Right: click the next song, long press to increase the volume
Bluetooth connection: long-press the power button, search for LY-Y1 Bluetooth devices and click connect. The host announces that the voice connection is successful and will automatically connect to the default device next time
Light guide ring: can be removed normally, distinguish the positive and negative holes from the bottom



Interface type: USB
Frequency response range: 40Hz-20KHz
Output power: 10w
Signal to noise ratio: ≥75dB
Effective distance: 10 meters
Shell material: plastic
Color: white, pink, blue


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manual, charging cable, audio cable, speaker