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Dishwashing Brush - 2 in 1 Multifunction

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2 in 1 Multi Function Dishwashing Brush, suitable for glassware.

No excuse to leave a dirty glass in the sink ever again!

The double-sided brush, 360 degrees without a blind angle, can push the glassware between the two bristles, making it much easier to clean your glassware.

Strong and robust construction. 

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There are three suction cups at the bottom of the brush, and the glass cleaner can be installed horizontally on the sidewall or vertically on the bottom area of your sink.

It's easy to quickly and thoroughly clean your glassware. Just slide the glass between the two sets of bristles to clean.

Made of durable PP-PVC material for a longer life, the bristles are flexible, the hardness is moderate, suitable for removing stubborn dirt and grime.