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Is your bathroom messy and your toothbrush not sterile because it is placed randomly on the surface of your bathroom?👇


Our 3-in-1 Toothbrush racks are made from environment-friendly silicone, harmless to toothpaste, dust proof toothbrushes holder for anti-bacterial protection and easy cleaning.

It comes with enhanced adhesive tapes, easy to install dispenser and the holder on your wall. With its non-nail design, it means you won't damage the wall.

Pump every drop toothpaste in tube; keeps everything nice and neat - a great accessory for your bathroom. Way less clutter around the sink.


This Toothbrush rack is suitable for family use. Can mostly hand up four or five toothbrushes. Easy to stick with ceramic, metal, and glass. Suits Kitchen, bathroom, hotel and so on. It is hygienic and convenient, you will like it very much, and fits most toothpaste tubes (Diameter 10mm).


Why The 3 in 1 Toothbrush rack ?

  • 1.UV toothbrush holder: UV sterilizer can kill 99.9% It is a fresh and clean toothbrush every time they use it.
  • 2.Toothbrush holder set: The 3 in 1 Magnetic Toothpaste Dispenser, toothbrush holder can be placed five brush teeth. The toothbrush disinfection has an automatic timing function. Close the lid and automatically switch off the UV light after four minutes. Keep it clean and healthy for 24 -hour.
  • 3. Vacuum pump: Automatically squeeze out a correct amount of toothpaste with a vacuum pump. Your toothpaste will not be wasted and keep the bath clean.
  • 4. Easy to install: ABS material, environmentally friendly, no odor. Give their parents and friends a very decent gift and bring their health to their loved ones.


How to use ?

  • Wash and clean the wall.
  • Heating the sticky hook with a blower.
  • Uncover the protective film, stick it to the wall and compact it.
  • After 24 hours, mount the Toothbrush Holder Set.
  • Hold the panel and install the toothpaste.
  • Please empty the air by pushing the trigger five or six times when first use.




  • The product must be installed on flat and smooth walls or mirrors, and ensure they and stickers are dry.
  • This product won't dry your toothbrush, it only sterilizes it. We recommend that customers had better dried their toothbrushes before putting them in for disinfection.


  • 1. No need to punch for installation
    2. Storage drawer
    3. Automatic toothpaste dispenser
    4. Upside down drainage
    5. Dust-proof design
    6. Magnetic adsorption
    7. Suitable for: bathroom
    8. Removable
    9. High temperature resistance: 140 degrees


Name: Multifunctional toothbrush holder
Category: Toothbrush holder
material: plastic
Suspension type: Suction cup type
Type: Daily necessities
Features: environmentally friendly ABS material
Material: ABS

Measurement :

Packing list:

Toothbrush holder*1


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