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Tap Faucet - 3 Modes

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style: Plastic
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3 Mode Tap Faucet !!!

Save energy and protect the environment.

WATER SAVER: 3 Modes Aerator Faucet adjust from stream to spray with a valve design, which can reduce more than 50% of water usage.

Saves energy consumption which is always good for the environment.

This aerator is the perfect way to save water while still getting the perfect flow for your shower. With the Water Saver Aerator, you can have a powerful shower with up to 30% less water. This aerator also has a pause button so you can take a break from the water, saving even more water. The aerator is easy to install and only takes minutes to do.

3 Types of Adjustment: You can adjust the amount of water output according to your demand with a water output regulation button. It can be rotated with a wide range of 360 degree, so you can easily clean your sink.

  • Jet
  • Mix
  • Spray

HIGH QUALITY: 3 Modes Aerator Faucet is made of high quality ABS, stainless steel and silicone. It is safe and durable.

UNIVERSAL SIZE: The faucet splash head can be suitable for most taps because of the universal connector. Built-in leak-proof and its tight combination can truly achieve leak proof.

EASY INSTALLATION: 3 Modes Aerator Faucet has threaded port design, so you don't need any tools. Just make sure your faucet whether it fits the product's dimensions and it is ready to use.