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4-Way Garden Hose Faucet

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style: 4-way valve diverter only
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One faucet four output! You can use this product to hook up multiple hoses at once!

The 4-way Garden Hose Faucet Splitter Connector is the perfect solution for people who have more than one hose in their yard. This connector is easy to install and has 4 outputs, each with its own separate shut-off valve.

Quick coupling connectors: It can be directly connected to each outlet. Each outlet is equipped with an on-off valve to control the water flow.

Easy To install: You can easily move to turn the lever. The faucet connector has a 4-ways hose splitters valve perfect for your flower, plants, lawn, agriculture, villas, and industrial irrigation. Easy to install, the independent valve can be closed, sturdy, and durable.


All in one use: You can use this product to hook up multiple hoses at once and never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the water. The connectors are compatible with any standard garden hose. 

Portable switch design: 4 way splitter converts one tap into four and control water flow easily. Prefect for both indoors appliances and outdoors garden use. With US standard 3/4" connector, easy to attach quickly to standard tap, hose connection, water timer or etc.



Connection Size: Inside Diameter 16mm Hose,

3/4 Inch Faucet with Thread