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4D Smart Eye Massager

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Enjoy a relaxing eye massage!

So many people spend countless hours in front of a computer screen or staying up late nights or tasked with constantly reading for a career or studying as a student. Those delicate eyes take a beating and they need to rest also. That's easier said than done because of our fast pace lifestyle. Let our eye massager help with those tired eyes every step of the way. Fifteen minutes a day is all that is needed to give those eyes the care that they deserve.

The 4D smart eye massager is an intelligent device that is designed to massage multiple acupuncture points and nerves around the eye area to give you a complete eye massage. It delivers a comfortable heat-enabled in-home or at work massage experience in minutes. No need for professional massages. It is battery operated and portable and easy to store to take with you anywhere you go.

POWERFUL HEALING MASSAGE & RELIEVE EYE STRAIN:  This 4D Eye Massager massage by kneading, trigger point therapy, heat massage with 100.4°F-104°F can stimulate massage points more deeply and promote blood circulation to relieve eye muscle stiffness, Relieve eye fatigue, improve eye bags, dark circles, eye puffiness, etc.

2) 5 MASSAGER MODES TO RELIEVE EYE FATIGUE : Esole Eye Massager with Heat comes with 5 selectable preset massage modes, Automatic mode, Motive mode, Eye help mode, Relieve mode, Sleeping mode, which can be selected according to individual needs & preferences by press "on/off" key to adjust. The comfortable eye massager gives eyes acupoint massage to relieve eye fatigue, eye strains, dry eyes, and headache.

3) COMFORTABLE HOT COMPRESS - Eye massager for with intelligent multi-frequency vibration massage, intelligent circulating air pressure, the airbag is inflated and deflated in a sequence, just like a human hand, rubbing 9 acupoint groups around the eyes, 15 minutes timer could moderately relax your eyes.

4) FOLDABLE & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN - Portable Heating Eye Massager made with Eco-friendly skin-friendly material, soft PU leather, easy to clean. The curved nose bridge, designed according to ergonomics, is suitable for most face shapes, and the head belt is adjustable, can be worn from teenager to adult. 180° foldable design allows for easy portability so you can take it with you wherever you go.

5) BLUETOOTH CONNECTION FOR MUSIC & CALL - Bluetooth eye massager have a built-in speaker inside that will automatically play the prerecorded nature sound which could enhance relaxation. Bluetooth connection function allows you to connect to your song lists or realize the Bluetooth call function. (there will be some inevitable noise when Bluetooth calls). Fits most people that will be a great gift

Smart Eye™ Bluetooth Heated Eye Massager


Material: Plastic Package Size:

Charging method: usb charging

Battery capacity: 1200MAh

Rated voltage: 5V1A

Rated power: 3.4W

Massage method: air pressure, vibration, hot compress

Temperature range: 38-42℃

Color: Pearl White

Eye mask material: high-end PU

Shell material: waterproof ABS