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Activated Bamboo Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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Color Classification: Toothpaste
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Brighten Your Smile Naturally with Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste!

Activated bamboo charcoal toothpaste offers a natural and effective solution for teeth whitening and oral hygiene. Derived from the bamboo plant, its gentle abrasive action lifts surface stains without damaging enamel. Its antibacterial properties combat harmful bacteria, reducing plaque and freshening breath. Free from harsh chemicals, it's safe for daily use, making it an ideal choice for a radiant smile and improved oral health

Features :

1. Contains activated carbon factor, effectively adsorbing pigments, dirt, and odors. Whitening teeth, refreshing breath, and improving oral environment.

2. Extracted mint essence, the refreshing taste keeps the mouth fresh, effectively suppresses bad breath, and the breath is lasting and fresh.
3. Plant activated carbon can effectively decompose tooth stains, eliminate stubborn smoke and tea stains, and improve yellowed teeth.
4. Mild, comfortable and non irritating, caring for gums and enamel, improving tooth sensitivity, gum bleeding, etc. Suitable for all age groups.
5. Optimize hydrated silica, gently remove tartar on the surface of teeth with active particle friction.

Product information:
Efficacy: Cleaning
Function: remove tooth stains
Applicable object: general
Net content: 100g

Packing list:
Toothpaste x1


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