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Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler

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Style: Sprinkler
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  • No more brown spots in your lawns, simply point more noodles at the spot.
  • It's quick, easy and fun to use
  • Create your own perfect pattern and control the spraying .
  • Adapt to any shape or garden, save money and conserve water.
360 degree Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler Household Multi-head Ground Sprinkler  Automatic Irrigation Tool for Garden Courtyard | АлиЭкспресс
  • As your garden grows, simply rebend noodles to customize new watering patterns.
  • Adapts to any shape or pattern you can imagine.
  • Perfect for flowerbeds, sideyards, lawns, patios, courtyards, vegetable.

Specifications :

  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Color: Green
  • Base diameter: 9cm