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Antibacterial Double-Sided Cutting Board

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Size: Medium
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A convenient and durable cutting board that provides a safe surface for chopping, dicing, and cutting fruits and vegetables.

The moldy and black cutting board is full of bacteria, and the disease can be imported from the mouth, threatening the health of you and your family. Compared with SGS certification, this cutting board is close to perfect! In addition, this product has rich functions. Purchasing this product is equivalent to purchasing a cutting board + drain pan + knife sharpener + garlic masher

Easy To Clean: Alkaid plastic cutting board is made from premium hard material, can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy and high temp clean-up (no warping or misshape), unlike the bamboo and wood ones. The chopping board is easy to wash by hand as well and BPA-free.

Knife Sharpener: Each cutting board is equipped with a knife sharpener at the edge. This thoughtful design allows you to show off your cooking skills in the kitchen without having to worry about blunting the knife.

Draining Water: In addition to being usable in the kitchen, this multi-functional cutting board can also be used to dry cups in the living room.

Grinding Garlic: There is a garlic grinder on the corner of the cutting board, which can easily grind all kinds of food puree. Let you enjoy different kinds of food all the time.

Cutting Board: Its main role is as a cutting board that can handle most kitchen cutting tasks.

Product information:
Item : Antifungal Plastic Cutting Board
Material: Plastic
Shape: Antibacterial and Mildew Resistant Cutting Board
Style: Modern and Simple