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Auto-Sun Blocking Window Blinds

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Size: 45x125cm
Color: Black
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Stay cool and protected with our Automatic Sun Visor. Front and rear side blinds offer unbeatable sun and UV protection at the push of a button


Enhance Your Privacy

Say goodbye to unwanted attention. Our state-of-the-art blinds provide a discreet haven, shielding you from prying eyes and ensuring your tranquility and privacy.

Master Your Light

Effortlessly curate the perfect atmosphere by adjusting the sunlight in your space. With these sophisticated blinds, you can fine-tune the light flow, creating an ambiance that suits any occasion throughout the day.

Improve Sleep Quality

Create a restful environment for better sleep. By blocking out early morning light, these blinds help you enjoy uninterrupted rest.

Versatile Use

Enjoy flexibility in application. Suitable for homes, offices, and cars, these blinds adapt to various settings with ease.


Overview :
1.can isolate 90% of sun. Easy to install, with automatic winding function.
2.Sucker is made of full new material, good quality.
3.Can install in crosswise also can install in vertical

45*125cm, suitable for car windshield 
68*125cm suitable for car side window
Weight: 300g
Color: as shown

Package Content:
1pcs x Car Window Sunshade