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Automatic Mosquito Killer

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Trap and kill mosquitos instantly!


  • Physically kill mosquitoes for mothers and babies, 360° without dead ends

  • Silent air duct system

  • The principle of vortex airflow

  • Surging suction force

  • Bionic mosquito trap, strong suction

  • Intelligent operation, one key to kill mosquitoes


  • Quickly turn on the mosquito killer mode, kill mosquitoes silently, and protect your beloved TA

  • 2000 rpm powerful fan, no-block air duct circulating convection, 5 spiral blades, 2200rpm suction

  • A silent DC fan is used to agitate the surrounding air with large suction, so that the mosquitoes follow the airflow and be sucked into the bottom of the fan tightly.

  • Prevent human body temperature and attract mosquitoes, efficient and safe

  • Convective vortex airflow design can effectively increase the suction power and achieve an improved mosquito-killing effect

  • Powerful inner core, excellent performance

  • The fan highly agitates the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that mosquitoes that are accustomed to flying with the airflow come with the wind. When the mosquitoes approach the wind tunnel, they will be sucked into the mosquito storage tray at the bottom by the strong vortex.


Category: Smart models

Product Category: Photocatalyst mosquito killer

Model: Star Air Mosquito Light

Applicable area: 20 square meters or less

Product size 130*135*250mm

Package Content:

1*Photocatalytic mosquito killer