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Automobile Heating Cushion

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With the SEAT HEATER you have the simple solution to equip your car with a seat heater!

Do you want to sit in a warm car seat during the cold season? You currently don't have heated seats but would like to have one without major modifications? Then you have the simple solution for your wish with the SEAT HEATER! The heating mat fits all car models and can be bought in different colors. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and it is heated. So that you are no longer cold and you can get through the cold season safely!

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Smoothness and Warmth: Heated seat cover provides warmth and comfort. Perfect for cold weather and winter driving. The heated seat cover warms your back and bottom that helps to maintain your metabolism and blood circulation. Enjoy immediate warmth at your seat.

Secure Straps: The cushion warmer straps makes sure that it holds in place. The Zone Tech heated seat cover has black elastic straps that slide over almost any seat to securely hold the cushion in place. The cushion warmer also has additional straps on the bottom of the cushion and the included hooks can secure the cushion to the underside of your seat.

Plug In: The cushion warmer heats up when you connect it to your vehicle's 12 volt DC outlet and adjust the temperature to your liking. The cushion warmer hi-tech heating fabric uses Far-infrared heating which is built into the fabric, so no lumpy wires to be felt.

Portable and Lightweight: The cushion warmer is light and portable so it is convenient to take from one car to another. The cushion warmer plugs into a vehicle's standard cigarette lighter and it heats up immediately.

Material: Fleeced
Placement: Front Left or Right
Voltage: DC12V
Size: 55x46x48cm
Package Included:
1 X Heated Cushion