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Baby Shower Brush

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Color: Blue
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This silicone scrubber brush works great to clean the hair of your baby. Silicone bristles are soft and comfortable, can deep clean all the hair types, relaxing baby. No more worry about injuring the baby's head skin or damage your long fingernail.


1. Comfortable massage to remove dandruff, the baby will not resist
The silicone brush head has a soft feel and Q-bomb, which can clean the dirt without hurting the delicate skin of the baby.
2. Q-bomb skin-friendly silicone, fancy kneading, and rebound in seconds
Food contact with soft silicone, feels thick, not torn, tough, and not deformed.
3. 251 dense soft types of glue can easily wash out bubbles
The silicone brush head evenly distributes 251 pieces of soft silicone, which can quickly wash out dense bubbles and clean skin dirt.
4. The scientific elephant trunk is easy to grasp and rubs effortlessly
The scientific elephant trunk grip design makes it easy for adults and babies to grasp and not easy to fall off, and it is easy to scrub and wash without effort.
5. One-piece molding is good for cleaning, and cleaning is more worry-free
The silicone comb with a one-piece design is not easy to hide dirt, and it is clean and safe to use for the second time.

Product information:

Material: Silicone
Color: blue, pink
Product category: shampoo and bath brush

Packing list:

Silicone baby shower brush x 1