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Baseball Bat LED Flashlight

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style: C
Electrical outlet: 220V US
Sizing guide


When push comes to shove, you need a personal protection weapon in your hand that you can actually rely on if you’re attacked

✅ The heavy-duty baseball bat shaped body is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, making it completely impact-resistant

✅ The emergency flashlight has high power lamp beads with high brightness and premium wick, it can be used for rescuing and patrol, and can safe and assured to charge.

✅ You can use it when you doing maintenance or when you taking outdoor activities or when you in your car!

Product information:

Material: aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: 1200/2500
Power supply form: charging
Power: 10W
Light source form: LED

A: Single flashlight (405mm without battery and charger)
B: Flashlight (405mm)+18650 battery+charger
C: Flashlight (405mm)+26650 battery+charger
D: Single flashlight (510mm without battery and charger)
E: Flashlight (510mm)+18650 battery+charger
F: Flashlight (510mm)+26650 battery+charger
G: Flashlight (405mm)+18650 battery * 2+charger
H: Flashlight (405mm)+26650 battery * 2+charger
I: Flashlight (510mm)+18650 battery * 2+charger
J: Flashlight (510mm)+26650 battery * 2+charger

Packing list:

Flashlight * 1 Battery * 1 Charger * 1