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Bicycle Tire Pliers Repair Tool

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Color: Black
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Remove your Bicycle tires in just a minute!

Cycle Pal's Tyre Seating Tool


Highlight description:

  • Adopt lever principle to solve the problem of disassembling and installing tires, and improve efficiency and save time.

  • Made of durable plastic, which can avoid wear and tear on the tire or scratch the hub in the process of use.


  • Humanized spring design, the use of the process will not cause damage to the joints or fingers. During tire installation, place the pliers in the open position so that one hand can be placed on the tire.
  • Simply insert the pliers jaw into the master link and squeeze the handles. Link pliers make removal and replacement effortless.

  • Rugged construction: with unique built-in handle, wider opening can be applied to a wider range of tires compared to other types of tire picking tools.

Product information:

Material Engineering Plastic
Product Category Tire Chop Tools
Custom processing: Yes
Colour: Black

Size Information:
Size: 30.0 cm * 30.0 cm * 20.0 cm