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Camera Led Bulb

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Did you know: Over 2 million burglaries were reported last year just in the United States alone? That's the equivalent of one burglary every 12 seconds. Installing a security system could contribute a long way to the protection of your home and keep your family safe.

The Panoramic Security Camera combines both a light bulb and a panoramic security camera all in one frame. View and monitor your home with just a press of a button whether you’re at the office, in another city, or another country.

Night Vision: Of course some uninvited guests choose to visit in the dark. But do not worry because the Panoramic Security Camera is equipped with night vision technology and can see clearly during a dark night.

Quick And Easy To Install: The Camera enables every homeowner to have their own security system. Simply install it like an ordinary lightbulb on any E27 socket, and you're all set.

Wide-Angle Lenses: The Camera comes equipped with advanced wide-angle lenses to provide a wider perspective of your area of interest. One Security Bulb is enough to cover a regular-sized room from all angles.

Double Functionality: Let us not forget the fact that the Camera is actually a lightbulb, to begin with. It packs industrial-grade LEDs have a general life expectancy of 48 000 hrs. Best of all, the light can be turned on or off through the app.

Advanced Motion Detection: It comes with a finely tuned motion sensor that detects any moving objects within 26 feet. Once it does, it will automatically alert you and send a notification to your phone through its companion app. Keep your home and unwanted guests monitored through concrete proof.


2 Way Sound System: Keep in touch with your loved ones with just a press of a button should you ever have the need to speak with them. It has a 2 way sound system allowing you to broadcast and communicate through your security bulb's built-in speakers using the companion app.

Works With A Companion App: The Camera comes with an included app that supports both iOS and Android devices. Simply scan the QR code in the included instruction manual, and you're all set. The light bulb connects to your WiFi and streams (or records) live footage through this app.

Directions Of Usage:

  • Install the Camera on your desired bulb socket.
  • Scan the included QR code to install the companion app.
  • Through the APP, sync the Camera to your WIFI.
  • You can now monitor your home freely.

Product information:
Item No.: Bulb Camera
Model: QW1
Pixel: 1.3 million (dpi)
Type: Network Camera
Style: Bulb camera
Image sensor: Yes
Horizontal resolution: 420 (TVL)
Minimum illumination: 0.001 (Lux)

Packing list:
Camera X1