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Camping Shower Bag

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Camping is fun but when the trip extends to several days, you’d go days without taking a proper shower, to maintain proper camping hygiene; all you need is Camping Shower bag

Portable Shower – skeenly | Portable shower, Camping shower, Shower nozzle

Camping Shower Bag is lightweight, durable, and easy to use camping shower, making it the perfect choice for campers who love to sleep outside but hate the dust and dirt.


Woods™ Portable Camping Shower Canadian Tire


In addition to providing campers a way to stay clean, Camping Shower Bag proves to be quite handy when it comes to rinsing off dishes or cleaning clothes! You can utilize the 5 Gallon water just the way you like!

Camping Shower Bag is capable of holding nearly 5 gallons of water, while still managing to remain compact and highly packable,

The self-healing technology heats the water up to 45 degrees via solar heating energy; Camping Shower Bag proves to be environmentally and human friendly in all ways possible!

This solar-powered shower bag can be a luxury for outdoor camping. This bag is a great way to have a hot shower while camping. You can even use it to wash your pets and your dishes! The Portable Solar Heated Camping Shower Bag is a great product to stay fresh on your next outdoor adventure. The water is heated by the sun and can be easily drained and transported. It is easy to fill and comfortable to use. This product is water-resistant, durable, and easy to store. 

Large Capacity: This solar camping shower has a large 5-Gallon/20 Liters water capacity and enough water for multiple showers.

Durability: Made of PVC material, light, durable and eco-friendly, non-toxic, so you can use it to wash food, dishes. It's foldable and hard to deform, further enhance the leakproof feature and no water leakage.

Heats Water: The black PVC material will efficiently absorb the solar energy to heat the water to 45°C in 3 hours with direct sunlight. With the temperature bar, you can also check the water temperature directly without a thermometer. 


Easy Control: Designed with an on/off adjustable switch that can control water flow from low to high and supplied with a hose and a showerhead that can also wash your car or water flowers.

Portable Size & Convenient: Lightweight, foldable, very easy to carry, and very easy to store, it's suited for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, or hunting. It also has a hooked rope to hang the shower bag on a tree or a shower tent.



1. Wash the bath bag with 1 spoonful of hot soda water before first use.

2. Fill with water and face the sun so that the sun can shine fully.

3. Hang it on a tree or a shower tent will provide you a more convenient shower experience.

4.Suggested not to use this camp shower bag to fill with drinking water.

5.Please do not add hot water up to 50°C.(122°F).


Personal Care Pocket: This pocket for your toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, or toothbrush.

Temperature Bar: The temperature bar allows you to keep abreast of the water temperature.

Hang Hook: You can hang the shower bag on a tree or shower tent.

On/Off switch: Can control water flow from low to high, very easy to control.

Shower Head: The water flow will be slim and mild, Bring you a better shower experience! 


Capacity: 5 Gallon / 20Litres

Material: Eco-friendly PVC

Color: Black


Package including:

Shower Bag(5 Gallon)  x 1

Hanging Strap  x1

Plastic Water Hose x 1

Shower Head  x1

Temperature Bar x1