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Canvas Shoulder Bag

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Color: Pink
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This grocery bag is the perfect shopping and grocery companion.

Plastic doesn't quickly decompose. And it usually can take up a hundred to a thousand years before it does. So, it is a smart and eco-friendly way to use shopping bags when doing groceries. 

However, it's hard to find a shopping bag that can do it all. Luckily, there's the ultimate grocery bag! Luckily, there's the ultimate grocery bag! that you can bring and use anywhere. It is foldable, reusable, convenient, and makes grocery shopping a breeze!

Large Capacity Shopping Bag: The ultimate grocery bag is the perfect grocery shopping companion. It has a large capacity that helps keep everything in just one storage.

Safe and Reusable: This bag is reusable and a safe, eco-friendly alternative to using single-use plastic products that harm our environment. Use this to cut down your plastic usage.

Ergonomic Design: It is specifically designed to have strong handles on both ends, so it fits conveniently onto any shopping cart. It also has a front pocket to store your personal belongings with.

Waterproof:  The bag is designed to be strong and durable, perfect for carrying heavy items or shopping in wet weather. The exterior of the bag is a thick and sturdy nylon fabric, and the interior is a soft fabric lining.


Material: Nylon

Style: Portable

Product category: Shopping bags

Weight: 110g