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Car Cup Holder

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Color: Black
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Enjoy the convenience of having a cup of drink, a bowl of instant noodles, a pack of chips, or more at your side while in your car with Car Cup Holder.

Car Cup Holder can hold 2 cups of beverage at the same time. Simply slide out the upper cup holder in any direction. The bottom cup holder can hold various standard cups while the upper cup holder's expandable design holds a cup of any sizes, even a bowl. It can also securely hold bag of chips, smartphone, tablet, and more.

Space Saving, Large Capacity: Car Cup Holder does not take much space. Simply insert it into your car's cup holder to multiply its holding capacity.


Rotating Upper Cup Holder - The upper cup holder can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction according to the space of the car and the most comfortable place for you to reach your drink.

Expandable to Fit Any Cups: The 3 walls of the upper cup holder are retractable to expand its holding capacity. It's suitable for all kinds of cups, thin or thick.

Smart Use - Increase the possibility of using cup holders to meet more storage needs. Securely store other items such as phones and tablets.

Practical Gifts: Multi-purpose adjustable cup holder, suitable for many different cars, golf carts, trucks, and caravans. This will help you organize the little things in the car, save time searching for things, and is a practical gift for family and friends.


Material: ABS
Model: Car Cup Holder
Applicable parts: central control
Product color: black
Product size: 121*87*208mm
Cup holder size: retractable cup holder diameter 73-150mm
Small cup holder diameter 72mm