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Car Glass Oil Film Remover

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  • Powerful Cleaning & Windshield Oil Film Cleaner: Remove water stains and oil films on the glass to quickly restore perfect transparency without polishing.

  • Form a Protective Layer and Waterproof: Not just a glass cleaner, it's also a glass restorer! It gives your glass a new look after cleaning and also forms a protective layer that makes water beads roll off, rainproof, waterproof, and protects against splashes and dust.

Glass Oil Film Removal Cream – luxurcar

  • Powerful Decontamination: Using nano-grinding technology, adding surfactants, etc., to strongly decompose the common oil film, water marks, gum and other stubborn stains on the glass.

  • Mild Formula, No Harm to Glass: The formula of automobile glass oil film remover is mild, no damage to glass, easy to wipe, solve the problem of abnormal sound of wiper without damaging glass, and make travel more comfortable, clear and safe.

  • Easy to Use: Wash the broken sand and dust on the glass surface with water, apply oil film cleaner on the wet sponge, wipe it evenly back and forth, and then wash it with water. It is easy to construct, and can quickly clean the glass surface, rain stains, rain marks, rain stains and various glass coating residues.


Product information:
Color classification: milky white
Ingredients: Abrasives, Oil Stain Absorbing Particles, Emulsifiers
Uses: Clear the oil film on the glass surface
Scope of application: glass

Packing list:
Glass removal cream*1+sponge*1