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Chili Pepper Seed Removal Tool

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Color: Steel color
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Do you have a tough time removing chili pepper seeds? No problem! Our stainless steel chili pepper seed remover is here to help.

The seed remover is a handy accessory that removes the central seeds and cuts off the tops, which can help you fill them up quickly. Simply place the seed remover over the seed and twist to remove. The sharp stainless steel teeth will effortlessly remove the seeds from the inside of the pepper. 


US$ 17.99 - Stainless Steel Peppers Seed Remover - in 2021 |  Stuffed peppers, Pepper seeds, Seeds

FUNCTION: Coring and deseeding jalapeno peppers has never been easier, faster and more precise. Serrated edge slicer ideal for cutting the tops off peppers and then the sharp inner teeth grips seeds and core for easy removal. Great for small to medium size peppers. Helps eliminate skin irritation by minimizing skin contact. easy handling and control


HIGH- QUALITY MATERIALS: made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, the handle of the rotating serrated pepper corer is made of rubber, which is comfortable and non-slip, allowing you to remove the pepper core easily and efficiently. At the same time, there is a small hole at the end of the handle for convenience Hanging storage.

Simply Push and rotate: It allows you to quickly remove the seeds and get a complete carcass, which is an indispensable tool for kitchens or home grills, and can Protect your hands.

THE PERFECT GIFT FIRST CHOICE: Love the taste of peppers, this pepper remover can efficiently help you quickly remove unwanted seeds and minimize the irritation of peppers to the skin. It's a great gift for wives, daughters, friends, parents, friends and kitchen lovers. You will love it very much. It is great value for money!


Product information

Product name: pepper corer
Material: 304 stainless steel
Process: mirror polishing
Packing: cowhide box
Purpose: Extract all kinds of chili peppers to take the core

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