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Deep Fry Cooking Basket

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The Perfect Cooking Helper for Hassle-free Cooking Sessions.

We all know how tiring it is taken, from preparing the ingredients to cooking to plating then washing the dishes. That is why we’re offering you a kitchen helper that will make cooking more convenient! Introducing the STAINLESS COOKING BASKET.

The 4-in-1 collapsible chef basket is a smart kitchen utensil that makes steaming, draining, rinsing, and frying a breeze. You can use it to wash vegetables in the sink at one time and fry fish fillets in the frying pan at the other. The convertible Stainless Steel frame folds flat for easy storage as well which makes it a must item for any kitchen space.

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Many people love this basket, a foldable design for easy storage. Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, use of micro-point resistance welding and seamless welding technology, product highlights-free solder, no welding injury, no edges, no shedding, safe to use. Foldable frying pans are laid flat to save space when not in use. Simply clean with water and detergent and then dry with a towel.

The stainless cooking basket has a grid design to control the penetration of water or steam to ensure sterilization. It is specially designed as a multifunctional kitchen aid such as a fruit basket, strainer for fried foods, strainer for water when cooking pasta or washing the fruits and vegetables. It is easy to clean no need for detergent. 


Foldable Frying Basket is a clever kitchen accessory that makes boiling, steaming, deep fat frying, blanching, and draining so much easier. This flexible reversible basket starts off flat but opens out into a hanging-style basket that fits perfectly into your saucepans. The handles never get hot, so cooking is safer, as well as easier.


  • Frame that doesn’t rust: Made of food-safe Stainless steel, the mesh/net basket will not rust. It has sturdy construction with no sharp, pointy edges or loose connectors.

  • Use as a colander: Execute the chef basket to clean your fruits and vegetables. Just put the contents in the basket and wash them. The water drains easily.

  • Use like a steamer: Place potatoes, pasta or eggs inside the mesh basket and steam it in water. The holding handle stay cool to the touch.

  • Use like a deep fryer: Fry chicken, fish, and French fries comfortably

  • No extra space needed for storage: Foldable configuration of this basket allows for easy flat storage in cupboards and cabinets.


Material: Stainless steel.

Size: 23cm x 23cm x 14cm

Handle size: 16.5cm x 12.5cm

Package Contents

1 X Foldable basket