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Ear Wax Removal Kit (Set of 6)

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Color: Ear Pick
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Why Choose Ear Wax Removal Kit?

Ear Wax Removal Kit - Professional Medical-Grade ear cleaning set that helps remove buildup earwax. Featuring 6 unique design, can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning. 


6-In-1 Multifunction Ear Care Kit: 6 unique designs according to ear structure. Offers different ear cleaning and massage functions.  

      Medical Grade Stainless Steel: Made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and non-corrosive. Brings you the most comfortable and precise ear wax removal process.

          Ergonomic Design: The anti-slip handle design set the safe position of the finger grip, ensures a safe and secure ear cleaning experience

            Suitable for All Kinds of Ear Canals: The turbine fan design helps clean the ear canal at one twist. Highly effective for collecting both oily earwax and dry earwax.

                Safe To Use: Smooth and rounded surface prevents from any scratching. Whether you are adult or child, elderly, you can find own yourself suitable earwax removal tool.
                    Portable & Hygienic Storage: Tailor-made tool case stores the ear picks set in the extra-hygienic way. Easy to store and take anywhere.

                      Reusable & Washable: Rinse with soap and water before and after use.



                        Material: Stainless Steel 

                          PACKAGE INCLUDES:

                          1x  Ear Wax Removal Kit (6PCS)

                          Spoon Ear Pick - 3PCS (3 sizes)

                          Spiral Ear Pick - 1PC

                          Spring-type Ear Pick - 1PC

                          Cleaning Brush - 1PC