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Easy Grabbing Tool

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This reaching claw is the perfect multi-purpose item for whenever you may need a helping hand.

This item will help you reach anything you need without putting in effort. An ideal tool that helps the user grab anything without bending their back, this product is a very useful aid for many individuals.

Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool – iTrend Gear

High Quality Material: Made of High quality ABS and brushed rust proof aluminum, rubberized suction cups grab onto objects and prevents them from slipping.

Easily folded: It can be folded easily and conveniently. Easy to store and carry folding size 42*13cm ,expansion size is 81*11.5cm

Good Design: Ergonomically designed pistol trigger and handle are easy to use and provide maximum comfort, handle size is 3.5inch very comfort to use.

Can grab up to 5 kg: Anti-skid garbage pickup has anti-skid jaws, which can grab 5kg items with silica gel lining inside the end.

Easy to use: Adjust the switch on the handle to hold, hold or release the object. It is suitable for the elderly who have no strength to stand up or bend down, and for the disabled, it is a good helper for the elderly and the disabled to work and live.


[Material] ABS 

[Color] black + blue 

[Single] 397g

[Color box size] 50*3.9*14CM 

[Pole material] aluminum alloy