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Eco Shopping Bag

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This Foldable ECO Grocery Bag Is Amazingly Convenient!

Foldable ECO Grocery Shopping Bag

Save the environment with this Foldable ECO Grocery Shopping Bag!

Made of extremely lightweight and durable material, this ECO bag is amazingly convenient, compact and handy. Pull and stretch, and it's ready to be used! When you want to put it away, simply roll it into a palm-size disc!

Foldable ECO Grocery Shopping Bag


  • Compact design, a shopping bag that can be rolled into a palm-sized disc for easy carrying or placed into pocket.
  • Large storage space, firm & durable to meet daily shopping needs.
  • Extra Light Weight and Convenient to take anywhere.
  • De-clutter Your House and Save Space, this system takes up little space for easy storage in your car, handbag or pantry.
  • Even comes with a clasp so you hang it anywhere!
  • Save Money! Many stores are imposing charge for plastic bags. By bringing your own you are saving money each time you go to the grocery store.

Foldable ECO Grocery Shopping Bag


  • Material : Nylon
  • Size of Shopping Bag : 31 cm x 9 cm x 36 cm
  • Size of Disc: 10 cm (diameter)