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Electric EMS Foot Massager

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Relieve Swelling and Tone Down Legs with our Electric EMS Foot Massager.

This foot massager uses precise tiny electric pulses that target lymphs in the legs and effectively Unblocks the Lymphatic System to Relieve Swelling and Leg Pain. It also Facilitates Better Blood Circulation to Remove Cellulite Lumps on Leg and Thigh area. Great for people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and regular swelling in your feet and legs.  If you sit at a desk all day, this foot massager provides relief.  This massager is more than half the cost of those expensive massagers yet just as effective.

Foot Massage Simulator – Beautyclam.UK
Pleasant and relaxing: A soft and comfortable footpad, lightweight, foldable, easy to carry anywhere. You can have a little relaxing Therapy wherever you go.

Helps in blood circulation: Stimulates the muscles of the feet through low-frequency electrical pulse technology

Adjustable and easy to clean: Different levels of frequency and intensity to accommodate everyone’s needs. Portable, easy to operate and easy to clean
Lightweight and portable: Massage your feet anytime, anywhere

Power supply mode: USB, rechargeable
Function: Wireless remote control, handheld wire control
Control method: Computer
Massage principle: Vibration

How to Use:
1.Using your foot massager by the main machine: press the power ON/OFF button to switch on the main machine and press the "+"/"-"to adjust the massager strength
2.Using your foot massager
Step 1: please put the main unit on the mat, and make sure your feet is fully placed on the mat up to 6 seconds
Step 2: Press the power on/off button to initialize the control unit on the mat.
3.Suggest one time per day

Package Included:
1 x Foot mat
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual