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Electric Windproof Flameless Arc Lighter

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Color: Grey
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1. Water-proof lighter: water-proof shell, meaning that when the lid is closed, it can be resistant to rain and moisture; POD service available with self-designed logos or patterns.

2. Rechargeable USB and Integrated Charging Case: rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used after each charge; environmental-friendly and convenient, ideal equipment for camping and hiking.

3. Light and durable: small-sized, light, portable; instant fire, flexible and elastic Juncture, applicable to diverse scenes.



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Product Information:

Name: Original Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter

Material: water-proof shell, rechargeable lithium battery.

Strength: an integration of 6 edges.

Applicable Scenes: both home and outdoors.

Size Information:

 8*4*2 cm 

Product Image: