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Emergency Ball Disposable Raincoat

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Color: Blue
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Get protected from sudden and unexpected rainfall with the portable raincoat ball. It is a lightweight and easy to carry raincoat that is a must when going outside.

Being prepared is essential when going outside. Often, we check the weather before doing our outdoor activities and going to our events. However, the weather is unpredictable, and the forecast isn't always accurate.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable Rain Protection - The portable raincoat ball is a lightweight and comfortable rain protection solution that keeps you dry from sudden and unexpected rainfall.

  • Portable and Compact - This product is a raincoat with a compact and pocket-sized design and package that can be easily stored and hooked on your bags, purses, and pouches.

  • Safe and High-Quality Materials - It is made from a high-quality PVC material that is not only waterproof but also durable, non-toxic, and safe to use! You don't have to worry about cleaning this product because it is disposable.

  • Various Bright Designs - The portable raincoat ball also includes various bright-colored designs that make you noticeable in dark conditions.


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