EMS Abdominal Muscle Trainer Stimulator Massager

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Color: Black blue
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Experience elevated fitness with the EMS Abdominal Muscle Trainer Stimulator Massager. This state-of-the-art device combines precision engineering and  advanced technology to optimize fat burning and muscle sculpting, offering you unparalleled convenience and effectiveness.

Step into the future of muscle building and fat burning with this innovative tool, designed for use at your convenience, wherever you are.


How To Use:

  • Step 1: Full charge the device first if necessary, attach the LCD device to the pad.

  • Step 2: take off the protection film covered on the gel pad, attach the product on Abdominal or body.

  • Step 3: Click "+" button to turn it on, Click "M" button to switch to desired massage mode.

  • Step 4: Click "+" button to increase the intensity, click "-" button decrease the intensity.

  • Step 5: Click "-" button until shows "0" in the screen, Click "-" button again to turn it off.

Product Specification:

Scope of application: office, outdoor, home

Color: black and blue

Rechargeable abdominal muscle patch

Product default accessories: host *3, belly stick *1, arm stick *2, USB cable *1, manual *1


EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulation, directly send signal to muscles, and promote muscle movement.
1. Exercise muscles - exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts, up to muscle shaping effect. Such as six muscle belly, mermaid line and so on.
2. Thin - the role of the human muscles, stimulate the muscle nerve, the pulse of the movement of the signal to the muscles, to promote the muscle to complete the contraction movement, energy consumption, burning too much fat, so as to achieve weight loss.
3. muscle strength - muscle in a period of time for high-intensity training, arm strength, leg strength and waist strength will gradually decline, the use of fitness can maintain muscle activity, so that the state of muscle energy full, the power will not decay.
all comes with a set of gel pads. but the gel sheet should be replaced after continuously used about 30 times.

Packing Included -Host *3,Belly Stick *1, Arm Stick *2, USB Cable *1, Manual *1