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Extendable Microfiber Duster

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Having a hard time cleaning those baseboards? Then allow this Extendable Microfiber Duster to help you!

Extendable Baseboard Cleaner - Naitshop


1. Scientific design: This product can easily clean the skirting board, roof edge and door mold, so that you can remove dust without moving up and down
2. Convenient storage: The foldable stainless steel rod allows you to adjust the length to clean the base and the decorative strip, making it easy to store


3. Simple and practical: the 360-degree rotating head is equipped with super soft pads, which conforms to the shape and angle of the base and the adjustment bar, and thoroughly cleans the surface



4. Easy to clean: the microfiber pad can be used for drying or wetting, just rinse with water after use


Adjustable Conforming Baseboard Cleaner

Product information:
Product material: aluminum+plastic+microfiber mat
Product weight: 0.4G
Product size: tube length 30cm
Product size: Maximum length: 135CM
Diameter: 2CM
Brush: 11*8*1.5CM
Color box size: 12.5*32*8cm
Cabinet: 65*48*51

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