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Fast Hockey Sling Puck Game

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Style: Small Playing Chess
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Elevate Children's Skills and Playtime with Our Dynamic Game!

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination: Immerse your children in a fantastic tool designed to elevate their hand-eye coordination, a pivotal element for comprehensive motor skill development.

Development of Fine Motor Skills: Precision is key in this game, effectively strengthening the delicate motor skills crucial for mastering everyday tasks with finesse.




Extended Focus: Experience an interactive and engaging way to lengthen concentration spans, fostering a deeper focus in a fun and entertaining manner.

Electronics Alternative: Say goodbye to excessive screen time! Our game is the perfect remedy, enticing kids away from electronic devices and encouraging a healthier and more active playtime.

Dive into the Action with Our Exciting Game – Here's How to Play:

  1. Set the stage by placing the board between players, each equipped with five pucks on their side. Kick off the excitement as one player slings a puck through the gate to start the game.

  2. Simultaneously, both players unleash their pucks using the elastic band, aiming to swiftly guide them to the opposite side through the gate.

  3. Victory awaits the player who clears all their pucks from their side first. Amp up the thrill by playing multiple rounds for enduring fun!





Product information:
Ability cultivation: vision, senses, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys, interest cultivation
Color: [small playing chess], [large playing chess]]
Features: Entertainment battle
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old), middle-aged (36-60 years old), Young (15-35 years old), Young (7-14 years old), infant (0-3 years old), old (over 61 years old)
Applicable occasions: Community
Material: Wood

Package list: 

Bounce chess * 1 (10 chess pieces)