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Fish Scale Remover

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Fish dishes are undoubtedly mouthwatering, but it is not if the fish still have scales. With descaling fish, we must admit that some find this chore messy and difficult. But not anymore if you have the right tool in hand — Fish Scale Remover!


This awesome product made from high-quality plastic material is designed to make fish scraping and cleaning a lot easier! 

Unlike the traditional method of scaling a fish using a knife, this fish-shaped scaler can save you from the risk of getting a cut during the process.

  • Practical and durable
  • Prevents scales from flying all over the place
  • Maintains a mess-free surface
  • Collects scales in its inbuilt container
  • Fit to all kinds of fishes
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Has sharp blade yet safe to use

How to Use:

Step 1: Lay the fish on a flat surface; hold it firmly.

Step 2: Ensure a good grip on the scaler and use short strokes to scrape the fish. Start from the tail to the head until all scales are removed.
Step 3: Repeat the process until all fish are scaled, then remove the scales from the container.


Material: Plastic
Type: Seafood Tools
Size: 16*5.5*4.5cm/6.29*2.16*1.7'' 
Color: Green, Grey, White
Weight: 0.088lb.


1x Fish Cleaning Tool


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