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Folding Square Multifunctional Triangle Ruler

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Color: Black red
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A ruler with many uses!

The Folding Square Multifunction Triangle Ruler is made of sturdy, durable material. With one side of the ruler measuring inches and the other side measuring centimeters, this tool is perfect for all sorts of tasks. There are five lines for inches and two lines for centimeters, as well as a line for measuring depth. The ruler also has two scales for angles, one for degrees and one for radians. With measurements for both volume and area, this ruler is the perfect solution for all your measurement needs.

Material: This carpenter square is made of solid aluminum alloy construction for durability, durable, not easy to break, ideal for all building and remodeling projects.

Adjustable Positioning Tool: Use adjustable positioning tool, freely select the angle, after adjusting to the desired angle, tighten the nut for positioning, press the middle lever to achieve precise positioning.

Embedded Powerful Magnet: Embedded Powerful Magnet to fix the extend arm, easy to open, no falling off, no shaking, durable and stable.

Stainless Steel Needle Drawing Tool: Hidden stainless steel needle scriber, with thread on the tail, it is not easy to fall off after being tightened and fixed on the ruler body, convenient to carry.

Size Information:

Can extend 6 inches(16cm)

Packing list:

1x triangle plate