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Water Container - Collapsable

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Size: 5L
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Looking for the best water container for your outdoor trips? With this Collapsible water container, you can conveniently store it when it’s empty!

When you’re talking about camping, you’re talking about safety.

Let’s focus on emergency water storage containers. As the name implies, these represent an emergency water supply for drinking and cooking, though some are big enough to supply water for days, even weeks.

This particular camping water storage container is Collapsible, so you can conveniently store it when it’s empty, as it doesn’t take up much space.

It has a tap that screws onto the opening, providing on-demand cleaning and cooking water. The opening is also big enough to fit ice cubes, for keeping the water cold, and it also makes filling it much easier.

This water folding water carrier holds up to 5 gallons of water – enough for two adults to spend a weekend camping and have plenty of water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking.

The fact that it’s Collapsible means two things – you can either take it empty and fill it at a reliable water supply near your camp, saving plenty of storage space for the trip, or fill it before you leave and come back with it empty, using the extra space for whatever you gather during your camp.

It comes fitted with one molded handle, which makes it pretty easy to handle by one person


✓ Collapsible water container
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Compact design
✓ Multi-functional

Made from food grade material, which is BPA free and completely non-toxic. This means a safer, reusable and Eco-friendly product. Easier to carry either flat or with the handle, and easier to store.

With its user-friendly design, the water container offers an on/off feature (adjustable to the amount of flow required), is leak proof, safe for use in temperatures from -20°c to 80°c.

A push-pull cap prevents the spout from becoming dirty or damaged, and an adjustable outlet means you can control the water flowing out.

The collapsible water carrier is ideal for use when camping, picnics, BBQs, even long car journeys, this product will soon become a favorite when out.


  • Product materials: Imported high-quality plastic. Using special processing technology, no pollution,
  • Product fit: suitable for use in outdoor camping sites far away from the water source on the car. Outdoor picnic.
  • Product Features: compressible folding \ space saving \ lightweight and easy to carry \ use temperature -20 to 80
  • Product use: Special plastic is selected, which is resistant to folding and is not easy to age. It is suitable for temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to 80 degrees. The folding design is suitable for camp water storage. The water outlet can adjust the amount of water, which is very convenient to use.






 Product Information:

  • Material: PE

  • Color: Transparent

  • Size(L*W): 5L: 30.5*27.5 cm , 8L: 27*23.5 cm , 10L: 28*25 cm, 15L: 14*12 cm (approx.)

 Package includes:

1 piece of water container