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Fun Snow Ball Maker

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Color: Red Heart 1 Pc
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Make the most out of the winter season with this Snowball Maker! It is great for kids of all ages! Snowball fights are one of the age-old games that children indulge in the snow. This tool allows you to make evenly-shaped snowballs in a lesser amount of time. It eradicates the need for you to dig into the snow with your own hands.  This Snowball Maker is made of tough high impact material which is more durable and sturdy.


A simple, yet unique Snowball Maker that lets you easily make snow hearts and ducks in a matter of seconds. It is an easy way to give your loved one unforgettable memory.

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A simple, yet unique mold that lets you easily make snow ducks in a matter of seconds.

Having the ability to make so many ducklings in such a short amount of time. Get your friends and family ready for a snow duck fight!

Whether it snows in your city or not, you can always use this mold! Use it with snow, sand, or even dirt!

These little ducks make a fantastic temporary decoration that you’ll never get enough of. This makes a great surprise for kids or a cool gag toy for just about anyone.


  • Perfect for kids making quick snowballs and getting ultimate snowball fighting.
  • Lovely duck shape and other characters and shapes, a wonderful tool for winter outdoor snowball fights.
  • Ideal as snow toys for kids, endless happy snowball playing and family fun.
  • Not only for snow, but it can also be used with mixed wet sand, mud and bath tombs.
  • Color: sent randomly


Material: Plastic
On all sections you will get a random color; except for the Red Heart Snow Ball Makers
Size: See product picture when selecting your Snowball Maker

Package Includes:

1 x Snowball Maker