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Glass Window Cleaner / Wiper

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Style: 15-24mm (Double Layer Glass)
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【Magnetic Window Cleaner】With strong double-sided magnetic design, this magnetic window cleaner double-sided enables you to clean your window without needing to risk standing at the window, the best companion for cleaning high-rise glass. The built-in water storage sponge can be used for a long time, avoiding repeated water replenishment and easy to use

【Unique Modern Design】Triangular shaped magnetic glass wiper, with a powerful internal magnet locking the two cleaning sides together, this magnetic window cleaner double-sided can wipe to the narrow area on the window and clean without dead corners. Especially convenient for high rise windows cleaning

【Wide Application】We have improved this window cleaning tool, using high-quality ABS material and natural latex, magnet. The magnetic window cleaner double-sided has the characteristics of good strength, high toughness, more solid texture, and you will be safer to use. Perfect for cleaning the home window, car window, sliding door, shower screen, or any 3-29mm double glass surface

【More Safer Anti-falling Rope】 Magnet window cleaner tool comes with 2 long safe anti-falling rope, when you use this window cleaning tool, the rope will be tied to your hand, never falling down. Lets you wipe the glass more securely

Please read carefully:

【Very Important】Glass in different thickness should be used on different magnetic glass wipers, otherwise it can not move or fall off the glass. Choose the correct glass thickness for your window. If you are not sure, we recommend the 15-26mm or 18-29mm



【Apply Detergent】Be sure to apply detergent to the cleaning cotton, otherwise the scraper is difficult to move. Slowly move the magnetic window cleaner during use, the slower the moving speed, the better the cleaning effect.


Take Care of Your Hand: The item is very magnetic, please take care of your hands during the application process. When open the glass wiper, hold the handle with both hands, and rotate the glass wiper apart. When closing it, except for 3-8mm, other glass wipers have partitions. Use partitions to separate the glass wipers, be careful not to pinch your fingers here.