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Gua Sha Neck Shoulder Back Massager

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Color: 8beads
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Say Goodbye to Muscle Pain with the Gua Sha Neck Shoulder Back Massager! Experience Relief and Relaxation Anytime, Anywhere

Soothe Muscle Discomfort
Experience the comforting relief of muscle soreness with the Gua Sha Neck Shoulder Back Massager. It targets tense areas and knots, providing relief and encouraging relaxation.

Improve Blood Circulation
Enhance your health by promoting better blood circulation. This massager is engineered to increase blood flow, ensuring your muscles get the necessary oxygen and nutrients.

Accelerate Metabolism
Easily boost your body's metabolism. Regularly using this massager can help speed up metabolic activities, aiding in improved digestion and higher energy levels.

Achieve Your Desired Shape
Easily shape and tone your body. The ergonomic design targets various muscle groups, aiding in the development of a well-defined, toned body.

Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime
Utilize this versatile tool in any environment. Perfect for home, the gym, or the office, it ensures you can relax with a massage whenever you need it.

Product information:
Product Category : Gua Sha Tablets/Boards
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, health massage, fitness body
Shape: Wavy Carbonized Wood 8 Beads
Material: Carbonized
Size: nine beads length 52cm, ten beads length 61cm

Packing list:
Meridian dredging tool*1