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Basketball - Hologear Reflective

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Color: Colorful black
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Take basketball into a new level!

The Holographic Reflective Basketball brings out revolutionized way for playing sports with holographic leather material. The new Glowing Technology makes it a fun in playing games and can be played even after the sun gets down.

Holographic Glowing Reflective Basketball – Cool Useful

Glow after glow: This personality basketball will shine with a bright green light during continuous exposure time. All night basketball continued to glow in the dark for more than 3 hours. The maximum time for fluorescent basketball depends on light intensity and radiation time.

Rainbow Reflective Basketball  Holographic Reflecting Glow In image 2

No battery required: This glowing basketball is very bright and does not need to emit any glowing beads like other LEDs light up the basketball. Just place it in the sun, bathroom heater or other strong light, and the basketball glowing in the dark will glow.

Holographic Glowing Reflective Basketball

Suitable for outdoor / indoor games: Can withstand rough street games. For lovers of street basketball. Made of abrasion-resistant material, the wide groove design provides excellent grip and soft and comfortable touch.

Awesome Luminous Effect: Provide three unique holographic appearances, rainbow, moon and multicolored!

Durable Materials: Made by durable PU leather, which is really durable materials.


Size: No. 7
Color: reflective white, reflective black, colorful black


1x basketball