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Inflatable Cushion Travel Pillow

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Color: Black
Size: 50cm
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Have you ever had a relaxing sleep on a plane like this before?

We're introducing the Travel Pillow the most diverse and innovative pillow for traveling of 2021!

The inflatable cushion offers 4 different modes to take a rest or a nap, allowing you to find the position you like best for getting your well-deserved sleep.

With this Travel Pillow, you can finally reach your destination happy and well-rested, so you can start your adventure right away! A new design inflatable travel pillow, it's very easy to use and comfortable sleeping with this pillow when you by car, by sea, by air, by train

Inflatable Travel Pillow –

Comfortable: The inflatable travel pillow makes resting and napping much easier and more comfortable. Use it on a plane, at the airport, in the car, or at your desk. Deflate and easily store when not in use.

Quick to inflate: Inflatable Cushion Travel Pillow is designed so
that the air you blow sticks in it. It only needs 4 to 5 breaths to be fully inflated and it’s ready to use in 15 seconds!

Simple to deflate: Deflates in less than 2 seconds and folds easily into its storage
pocket. Have a nice trip!


Easy to carry: Inflatable, nomad and book-size, The pillow can easily be tidied up into your carry-on baggage.

Product Name: Inflatable Cushion Travel Pillow
Shape: Rectangle
Filling: PVC
Material: Flocking
Color: Blue, Black, grey
Thickness:0.55 mm after flocking

Package Content:
1 x Pillow