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Kitchen Strainer & Bowl

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Color: Pink
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Space saving design includes colander with holes for straining and outer bowl for retaining liquids and water.Upper drainage basket, hollow design, drainage fast, up and down sets, use the table top, there will be no accumulation of water.

厨房洗篮 -  2PCS-微型 - 双屏 - 水果 - 蔬菜 - 塑料 - 洗手盆 - 漏水 - 排水 - 篮子 - 厨房 - 工具 -  KC1729(24)

360-DEGREE ROTATIONAL DESIGN: Strainer can filter water without letting fruit or vegetables fall. Turn the semicircular bucket upside down and it becomes a lid.

    FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: Made of high-quality PP5 plastic, 100% food-grade, BPA -free, and odor-free. Keeping your family healthy has never been more important.

    WIDE RANGE OF USE: These colander sets are a great way to wash, store, and serve fresh fruits vegetables, pasta, noodle, lettuce, salad, etc. Another wonderful design is that it's very helpful to defrost food. The outer bowl collects the defrost water and saves your countertop from stains.

    Please allow 1-3 cm differences due to manual measurement.
    Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

    Size: 29.5X13.5X9CM
    material: plastic
    Color: blue, green, pink, white
    Product Category: Fruit Basket

    Package Content:
    1 x basket 

    厨房洗篮 -  2PCS-微型 - 双屏 - 水果 - 蔬菜 - 塑料 - 洗手盆 - 漏水 - 排水 - 篮子 - 厨房 - 工具 -  KC1729(11)厨房洗篮 -  2PCS-微型 - 双屏 - 水果 - 蔬菜 - 塑料 - 洗手盆 - 漏水 - 排水 - 篮子 - 厨房 - 工具 -  KC1729(16)