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Laser Level & Angle Ruler

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style: Angle meter with bracket
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Levelling? Nailed it!

A durable, portable and convenient tool that's been levelling hanging paintings and wallpaper line casting with ease. The Laser Level Ruler is for any tradesmen and DIY hobbiest who wants a lightweight, rechargeable, cool designed level tool.




Save Time with Combined Pro-Tools

Real time laser projection. Everytime Correct Measurement Fast and Easy! 2in1 Aluminum Laser Level Ruler will let you to save huge material and production efforts. Fast charging with Type-C port. Two Ergonomic Non-slip buttons to set, measure and power on/off.

Handy Craft Tools

Nonstop Working!

Recharge in just 2 hours and get ready for work on everywhere in any situation, this tool is USB Rechargeable. And with the Universal Bracket no need to keep touch while you're working. It can also be attached to metal surfaces with its magnets. Less effort more work!

Size of Your Pocket

For sensitive works 2in1 Aluminum Laser Level Ruler has ±0.5° Measurement accuracy, this tool can measure up to 10 meters and 360°. Doesn't take up much space in your toolbox. Cool designed, it's in size of your pocket!