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Lumbar Spinal Orthopedic Back Support Belt

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Color: Black
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Goodbye back pain! Experience relief and support with the Lumbar Spinal-air Decompression Back Belt, designed to provide targeted decompression and stability for your lower back, helping you stay active and comfortable throughout the day.

Strengthen back and core. 
Stretch tight lower back muscles.
Relieve lower back pain and stiffness.
Improve nutrient flow on your spine.
The belt transfers the weight of your spine.
Lift upper bodyweight of the lower back.
Reduce pain and pressure on pinched nerves.
Decompress lower back joints and spinal discs.
Stabilize the lower back and improve posture.
Decompress the spine allowing for discs to return to normal.
Help relieve pressure off pinched nerves.

CJBJPFST00482-Extension strip: Just an extension strip

Traction Belt: 115cm(45.2")
Width Before Inflation: 13cm (5.1")
Width After Inflation: 20cm (7.9")

Package includes:
Belt × 1 ·
Air pump × 1 ·
English manual × 1