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LuminaStar™ - Starlit LED Projector

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Transform any room into a celestial sanctuary withLuminaStar™ - Starlit LED Projector. Immerse yourself in a symphony of brilliance as thousands of stars cascade across your walls, bringing the cosmos to life in the comfort of your own space. Let the ethereal glow captivate your senses and dream under a canopy of LuminaStar™ radiance. Illuminate your nights with a touch of celestial magic.

Features :

  •  A variety of starlight density is adjustable: car starlight can be rotated to adjust the lighting style, and the light source is stable.
  • 360-degree rotation + USB interface: light and flexible, adjustable in multiple angles. Portable and easy to install.
  • The bright star effect creates a romantic atmosphere for your roof or house, and can also be used to decorate birthdays or holiday parties.
  • Interesting roof USB light can be used as night light, room decoration, car decoration, usb night light power supply, charging through the USB interface.
  •  The compact size is easy to carry, allowing the starlight to be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Applications: computers, mobile phones, mobile power supplies, mobile phone charging adapters, car chargers, etc.

Product material:
Material: ABS

Product Name: Car Atmosphere Light
Function: Decoration, modification, creating atmosphere
Features: Use luminous roof lights to turn your car into the Milky Way. Make your journey a memorable moment.